Virtual Tlingit Art Workshop | Family Art Exploration

Join Margie Morris, Raven/flog clan Tlingit, Alaskan Native artist, in painting a salmon head form line design onto red cedar for Cascadia’s next Virtual Family Art Exploration Workshop.

The red cedar has provided many things for Margie’s people, from canoes for travel, bent wood boxes for storage, cedar bark for hats and clothing, to carvings and plaques. The designs they use usually show who they are. Margie has ravens and frogs on many of her things to show she’s Kikd’adi.

During this workshop, Margie will talk about the parts of form line to make a salmon head design. The salmon has been an important part of their lives. They have stories about them, and they show their respect to them.


This workshop will be taking place virtually through a zoom webinar. Please RSVP using the form below, and a zoom invitation will be sent to you prior to the workshop. We will have materials available for pick-up from the museum on Friday, July 24 from 2:30-5:30pm. Since we have limited quantities available, please reserve your bag using the form below. We have a limit of 2 bags per household.

**UPDATE: We do not have any cedar plank materials left! If you order a materials bag now, you will receive a card with a design, paint, and instructions, but no cedar plank. We are sorry for an inconvenience.

About the Artist:

Margie Morris is Raven/frog clan Tlingit, Alaskan Native. She has been making various Tlingit art for over 30 years: dance robes, tunics, and beading. Her main focus is making elk hide drums designed with her form line designs painted in acrylic.

She has sold her art at artist markets in Washington State: Women on the brink, Northwest Folklife festival, Paramount Theatre Re:definition, Daybreak Star, Evergreen State Community College Longhouse, Duwamish Longhouse, Karshner Museum and at many Tlingit and Haida events, in Juneau Alaska at Celebration, in Anchorage at AFN, in New York at a Native Film Festival and WA DC Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian.

She loves creating new designs and to remind people that Natives are not the past; we are still here and carrying on our traditional art.

Materials List: 

  • Cedar plank (Not included in materials bags reserved from 7/23 on)
  • Acrylic Paint (Material kit only includes black)
  • Paint Brushes (Not included in materials bag)
  • Card with design*

*This printed image will be on card-stock in the materials bag in case you would like to color the design. The image can be found below. You can either print this off to make a large print or print a smaller version to make a card.

Salmon Tracing
  • July 25, 2020 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • 11:00 am - 12:00 pm