This month for Art Walk Edmonds, Cascadia Art Museum is excited to present local artist Mini Griffin.

Painter Mini Griffin creates artwork that is anything but mini. Her specialty is BIG sunset paintings!

Mini comes to the Pacific NW via Spain, where she lived up until 11 years ago. She creates mostly with her fingers so she can feel where the paint wants to go, using handcrafted oils on big canvases. Inspired by the varied landscape of Washington, and especially by sunsets, Mini describes her work as “as an awakening of the soul.”

Be sure to stop in to meet Mini in person on the evening of Art Walk and bask in the glow of her paintings. 


The Pacific Northwest has been an endless source of inspiration for Mini Griffin, an artist based in Kirkland, WA, and where she and her family have grown roots for the past decade.  For Mini, there are strong parallels between long summer days exploring Washington’s lakes and forests with her own young family and the seascapes and sunsets of her childhood on the Marbella Coast in Spain.  Experiencing these natural scenes and contemplating one’s relationship with nature, has sparked an obsession in Mini to make art that seeks to elicit emotions as a form of personal and divine truth.

Educated at The University of Central England, Mini traded a successful career in digital design to relocate to the US and start a family.  A loving wife, mother to two growing boys, and a strong advocate for enriching arts education and awareness in local schools, Mini’s firm commitment to her family and community are ultimately what balance her creative and equally rigorous painting practice.

Mini’s growing body of work, which consists mostly of large-scale canvases, are all painted solely with her fingers—a technique borne out of pure instinct and tactility which has since developed into a recognizable, formal element signature to her artmaking process.  Bolstered by a steady demand for commissioned pieces, Mini’s most recent paintings continue to reflect a unique endeavor to personify landscapes, horizons and sunsets with an abstract yet palpable sense of benevolence and spirituality. 

Ardent supporters and patrons—many of whom have become avid collectors—are often drawn to her use of bright colors, rhythmic patterns and reduced compositions.  Evoking soulful emotions in the viewer is an important philosophical objective for Mini and her work’s undeniable lack of pretense is as much a reflection of her personality as it is a mechanism that constructsthe open space needed for the viewer to become sentient.

Mini’s work has touched the lives of so many through her life-affirming and transcendental paintings.  Much like a page torn from her own book, Mini’s art proposes a beautiful end in order to embark on a fresh beginning.  

  • March 15, 2018 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  • 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm