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Cascadia Art for Schools (CAS) is a Washington state standards-based art program for K-8 students exploring the art of the Northwest. CAS is an interactive and inquiry-based tour, and students engage with art through facilitated dialogue, storytelling, and hands-on art creation. This program is learner-centered and explores artists that have been historically underrepresented. CAS has three components*

  1. Digital Lesson: a pre-tour exploratory digital lesson
  2. Tour: a museum tour & art lesson
  3. Post-Tour: a post-tour art lesson led by a museum educator/teaching artist in your classroom

*COVID-19 Update: Only digital options are available for all three components until further notice



CAS Program Focus Options

Sharing Our Story

Washington state history through Northwest art (4th grade)
  • Sharing Our Story addresses the history of Washington state and tribal sovereignty by exploring how society and historical movements influenced Northwest artists. 
  • Students will learn about two artists and how an artist’s life is reflected in their art. Students will then think how history has impacted their own lives and create art based on their own lives


Building Blocks of Art

Art concepts through Northwest art (K-8)
  • Building Blocks of Art explores art concepts utilized by Northwest artists as tools of expression. 
  • Each grade focuses on a different art concept used by Northwest artists. Students will learn about an art concept, explore Northwest art using their art concept, and then create their own art.
  • For a full list of art concepts for each grade level, see below the sign-up button.



Digital CAS Options 

Experience and engage with the arts without having to come to the museum. Regardless of your location, until you are able to safely resume field trips, we have options and art materials available for you! Our digital CAS program includes:



1. Digital Lesson

  • A prerecorded short digital tour of Cascadia Art Museum exploring 1-2 pieces of art
  • A partially facilitated discussion about art on exhibition at Cascadia Art Museum
  • A prerecorded digital art lesson (includes art materials)


2. Live Tour & Art Lesson (Optional)

  • Live (Zoom) interactive and inquiry-based tour of the museum 
  • Live art lesson (includes art materials)


3. Live Post-Tour Art Lesson (Optional)

  • Another live (Zoom) art lesson (includes art materials).


Sign-Up for Digital CAS

We are currently only offering the digital version of CAS due to COVID-19. Please fill out the form below to request the digital program and live tours and art lessons. If you are interested in a scheduling an in-person version of CAS for a later time, please email us at for more information. 

Digital tours and art lessons are offered September-June, Monday-Friday from 9 am - 4 pm. Please fill out and submit the form below and indicate your fist, second, and third choices for dates and times. A confirmation email will be sent to you with the exact date scheduled.

We ask that educators schedule tours at least three weeks in advance.


For Questions, please call or email the museum at (425) 336-4809 or


CAS is free for all students and educators thanks to the generous support of ArtsWA.

Building Blocks of Art | Art Concepts per Grade Level

Each grade level focuses on a different art concept for this program. We have the art concepts broken down by grade level as follows:

K: Shape

1: Color

2: Line & Pattern

3: Form

4: Texture

5: Value & Emphasis

6: Space & Contrast

7: Emphasis

8: Contrast

Classrooms are welcome to participate in this program more than one time per year. For your second time, we will be exploring many different art concepts new art mediums to allow for a broadening of knowledge for students.

Funding provided by Washington State Arts Commission's First Step Grant, the Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation, and the Harrington-Schiff Foundation. Thank you for your support.

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