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Select your program focus option
Select the program options you would like: Part 1 - Pre-Filmed Video Lesson; Part 2 - Museum Field Trip (can occur virtually, in-person in the museum, or in your classroom); Part 3 - Art Lesson (can occur virtually or in your classroom). Please remember ALL parts do include an art lesson even if it is not in the title. Therefore, if you participate in all 3 parts, your students receive 3 art lessons.
We can conduct the program virtually, in the Museum & in your Classroom (Part 2 - Museum Field Trip happens at Cascadia, and then Part 3 - Art Lesson occurs in your classroom), or Museum Educators can come to your Classroom for all components except for Part 1 - Pre-Filmed Video Lesson
If you selected the Museum Field Trip option, please let us know what THREE dates and times you would you like
If you selected Live Art Lesson, please let us THREE dates and times you would like
Cascadia can accommodate one class (max 35 students) per hour-long tour.