Who We Are

Cascadia Art Museum is an educational, nonprofit organization that celebrates the rich tradition of the visual arts and design in the Northwest during the period 1860-1970. The museum provides enriching experiences for the community and visitors alike through original exhibitions, public programs, publications and educational outreach. Cascadia Art Museum seeks to reassess the hierarchy of Northwest art history by advancing the work of women, minority, and other artists who historically made substantial contributions to the region’s cultural identity. Cascadia believes that recognizing these hitherto neglected artists gives us a fuller and more comprehensive understanding of Northwest art history.

Art is essential to helping us connect, process and learn from the perspectives and experiences of everyone in our region, both past and present. It allows us to communicate with each other through time.

We believe that the visual art history of the Northwest is a unique expression that is distinct from other American states. Like the artists who created it, our focus may be regional but our vision is universal. As a collecting institution, we are dedicated to preserving the legacy of our historic regional art to inspire future generations to study and enjoy.


Thank you for the generous support from our community partners. Without their generosity, we would not be able to continue to provide exceptional programming and exhibitions for the community. Below is a list of our current Community Partners:

Edmonds Harbor Inn