Over the next few weeks, we will be sending you "virtual visit" videos from our curator, David Martin, and from our volunteer docents describing their favorite works in the museum. Join us as we explore the history and lives of the talented and forgotten Northwest artists.

Museums are always a place of beauty and community. During this especially uncertain and stressful time, we hope that the power of art helps you find comfort and stokes your curiosity.

Leo Kenney - Presented by Shiela Farr

In this special Virtual Visit, we are joined by Sheila Farr, author of Leo Kenney: Celebrating Mysteries. Join as Sheila leads us on a tour through our exhibition Dreaming Forms: The Art of Leo Kenney. Learn about the influences, history, and dedication that made Leo Kenney one of the most prominent names in Northwest Art History.

Vintage Christmas Cards - Klee Wyk Studio

Curator David Martin is back with another feature of our Vintage Christmas Card exhibition. This video, David delves into the history of the Klee Wyk Studio and the talented artists involved.

Vintage Christmas Cards - Glen Alps

Join Curator David Martin for another chapter in our Vintage Christmas Cards virtual tours. In this video, David focuses on Glen Alps, renowned printmaker and fantastic artist..

Vintage Christmas Cards - Beginnings and Yvonne Twining Humber

Join curator David Martin on the begging of our miniseries on Vintage Christmas Cards by Northwest Artists. Today, David reminisces on how he got started collecting Vintage Chirstmas Cards, as well as artist Yvonne Twining Humber and her impact not only in the art world, but to David Martin himself.

Delbert J. McBride

David Martin returns in this video series featuring artist Delbert J. McBride. Did you know David actually knew Del? Learn about the history of the artist, his past with our Curator, and the incredible works of art he created.

Claire Shuttleworth - Late Afternoon, Crécy

Tom Hanrahan guides us today through the work of Claire Shuttleworth; Late Afternoon, Crécy. Join us as we learn about Shuttleworth, Crécy, and the Hundred Years War.

On Morris Graves and Guy Anderson

David is back with a tour on two big names in Northwest art; Morris Graves and Guy Anderson! Learn about the history and friendships that brought these artists into prominence.

Emma Kaan - Summertime

Join our wonderful Docents Shelley and Tom Hanrahan in the first of their four-part mini-series on the works in our Northwest Collects exhibition! Today their discussion follows the work of Emma Kaan and her influences over seas.

Mac Harshberger

Join Curator David Martin as he features artist Mac Harshberger, a renowned American illustrator known for his Art Deco style and elegant forms.

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