For today’s Virtual Visit to Cascadia Art Museum, volunteer docent Tom is back with a glimpse into our Northwest Collects exhibition. He’ll shed some light on Claire Shuttleworth’s painting Late Afternoon, Crécy – a town in northern France that was also the setting for a pivotal battle in 1346 during the Hundred Years’ War between England and France.

Born in Buffalo, New York, Claire Shuttleworth (1867-1930) was a teacher, musician, and artist who worked in oils, watercolor, and pencil. She studied at the Buffalo Art Students League, in New York City, and in Italy and France. She painted, sketched and exhibited throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. From 1896 to 1899, Shuttleworth exhibited at the Paris Salon. Around 1900, Shuttleworth returned to the U.S. from her studies abroad and made her home and studio in Buffalo.

It was during her time in France that she painted Late Afternoon, Crécy, which is the focus of today’s Virtual Visit with Tom.

Claire Shuttleworth is one of the artists featured in Northwest Collects, an exhibition that highlights a selection of art and decorative objects loaned from regional collections. The exhibition includes works by national and international artists and designers that are rarely exhibited in Washington museums. We have extended the exhibition so that you can come and see these diverse works for yourself when it’s safe for Cascadia to reopen.

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We hope you enjoyed today’s Virtual Visit, and thank you for being part of our Cascadia community.