Article from The Edmonds Beacon, October 6, 2017

Cascadia Art Museum’s new exhibit, “Territorial Hues: The Color Print and Washington State, 1920-1960,” opened Oct. 5 and continues through Jan. 7.

The exhibition and catalog is the first study of color printmaking in Washington state during the period 1920-1960.

It consists of prints that display the cultural and stylistic influences used by Washington state artists to produce highly unique works that reflect the color, light and atmosphere particular to this region

The exhibition and book will focus on several mediums, including color woodcut, intaglio, serigraphy and lithography. The influences of Japanese prints and regional appropriations of international movements will be examined as well as the local production of white-line, or Provincetown, prints.

The style and subject matter ranges from works inspired by the Arts and Crafts Movement to modernism and abstraction.

The museum says the exhibition hopes to reinstate the reputations of some of the artists, introduce their work to a wider national audience and illustrate the innovations and contributions that some of the artists made to the medium.

The formation of the Northwest Printmakers Society in 1928 also provided an impetus for regional printmaking. Their first exhibition in 1929 featured numerous color prints by local practitioners.

The NWPS soon became national and international attracting a diverse group of artists, including Pablo Picasso, in 1936.

Another organization where printmaking figured prominently was the Women Painters of Washington, which formed in 1930. Several of the founders and early members produced highly skilled color prints.

They occasionally featured print exhibitions by their membership throughout the 1930s and 1940s. Works from current members of the organization will be on display at the museum through Nov. 19.

The exhibition concludes with the international success of several regional printmakers during the 1950s whose innovative work exerted an influence that continues to this day.

Territorial Hues: The Color Print and Washington State, 1920-1960

Where: Cascadia Art Museum, 190 Sunset Ave., Edmonds
When: Through Jan. 7
Admission: $10, free 5-8 p.m. during Art Walk Edmonds the third Thursday of the month
Information: 425-336-4809

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