Studio Cascadia

Elements of Art: Space

Space is all the areas around, between, and within components in a piece. Different types of spaces include positive or negative, open or closed, shallow or deep, or 2D or 3D. Space separates the elements in the piece, and it is an essential element to art creations. Space also helps build physical perspective. An artist creates space through the placement of objects and components on the piece.

Space in Art at Cascadia

Orre Nelson Nobles (1894-1967)
Rug designed for the Fette-Li Company, Peking China, circa 1930
Northwest landscape motif
Collection of Paden and Norma Prichard

In this piece, the shape of two trees are presented in the front with the pale pink color creating the space between the trees. In the center back, above the curved color lines, the artist Nobles has used a purple color to create more space at the top. Additionally, Nobles created a border of space surrounding the entire piece.

Art Project: Exploring Space through Paper Cutouts

Shapes are all around us and when they are cut out beautiful new shapes are made. Learning to see not only the importance in creating positive shapes, but thinking of the ‘leftovers’ or negative spaces, not as waste but as new possibilities is the goal of this project. Whether the shapes are rounded and fluid or harsh and angular exploring can be fun.