January 11th – November 24th

This exhibition will feature Northwest modernist sculpture and jewelry from the early to mid-20th century. Featured artists include Everett DuPen (1912-2005), Howard Duell (1929-2009), Stephen Dunthorne (1925-2005) and a collection of jewelry created by Jean Johanson (1911-2000).

Image Credits:

  1. Everett DuPen (1912-2005), Northwest Fishermen, 1954. Walnut. Cascadia Art Museum, DuPen Family Foundation Collection, 2024.1.19
  2. Howard Duell (1929-2009), Flower #17, 1963. Molded sheet metal. Cascadia Art Museum, Gift of Terry and Marcie Wirth in Memory of Irwin Wirth, 2023.30.2.a,b