July 27 – October 29, 2023

This exhibition is the first to center around the art of Julius “Land Elk” Twohy (Two-vy-nah-auche) (1902 – 1986) and his local contemporaries. One of the region’s earlier modernists, he was best known for his  paintings and prints created in Seattle through the Federal Art Projects of the 1930’s and 40’s.

Twohy, (Ute) and his younger contemporary, Delbert J. McBride (Cowlitz/Quinault 1920-1998), produced fascinating art and objects utilizing modern and abstract designs inspired by their Native American heritage. Their works will be displayed alongside non-native contemporaries such as Worth D. Griffin (1893-1981), R. Bruce Inverarity (1909–1999) and others who were highly influenced by Northwest indigenous design aesthetics and culture.

These artists worked side by side during their lifetime and received acclaim in their own individual fields.

Image Credits:

  1. R. Bruce Inverarity (1909-1999), Pacific Northwest Forms – Haida, circa 1937. Oil on canvas. Private Collection.
  2. Julius “Land Elk” Twohy (Two-vy-nah-auche) (1902-1986), Blessed Pony, circa 1938. Lithograph. Private Collection.
  3. Delbert J. McBride (1920-1998), Untitled, 1951. Tempera on paper. Private Collection.