February 22nd – June 2nd

A true Northwest iconoclast, Peter Fortune (1904-1989) created a unique body of work in painting, printmaking and ceramics. This will be the first comprehensive exhibition of his work produced from the 1950’s through the 1980’s. Of special interest is the large-scale ceramic installation, “An Apple Began It” which features a group of bawdy vignettes based on the Old Testament story of Adam & Eve.

Other works include a series of blockprints depicting an unusual iconography of saints as well as the irreverent “Athlete Series” where major sports figures of the period are transformed by Fortune’s satirical and comical observations.

*The Word of Peter Fortune exhibit contains artworks that may be seen as provocative and may not be suitable for all audiences.*

Image Credits:

  1. Peter Fortune (1904-1989), Untitled, circa 1950. Oil on canvas. Estate of Peter Fortune.